On Grandmahood

My middle daughter’s quarantining finally came to an end, and I came home last night, after 2 1/2 weeks with my youngest and granddaughter. Although my sleeping pattern there wasn’t that good, last night, in my own bed, I really missed granddaughter. I even missed hearing my fur grandbaby, Cinnamon, making her nightly rounds checking on us. (Johnny, my 9-year-old Shi Tzu misses being there. He’s been a little pouty this afternoon.) Nightly diaper changes, and reassuring cuddles were something I complained about at first. But looking back on it, I cherish it because I was able to help my daughter get some much-needed rest and I was able to get some bonding time with my granddaughter.

Copyright © Living Love Letter™ – 2022 – All Rights Reserved

Saturday morning, I was taking pictures of my daughter for her blog, and we had Athena in the back courtyard with us. She wasn’t interested in smiling for the camera. She’s a toddler. And all she wanted to do was explore the fallen leaves that were on the ground. She sat on the concreate studying every detail of leaves she looked at and picked up. She sat for several minutes studying her shadow beneath her. But the leaves and the little pebbles on the ground fascinated her. And I truly commend my daughter for not being uptight about her little one sitting on the ground, getting a little dirty. My daughter gives Athena the freedom she needs to explore and grow. I love looking in her eyes as she studies the world HER WAY, at HER PACE.

Copyright © Living Love Letter™ – 2022 – All Rights Reserved
Copyright © Living Love Letter™ – 2022 – All Rights Reserved

At one point I called out to her trying to get her attention. She just looked at me for a quick second and went right on back her leaves and pebbles. As fascinated as Athena was with the wonders of the courtyard, I was, (and am), equally fascinated with studying Athena as she makes her discoveries. And I still can’t get over how my 18-month-old granddaughter knows how to hold a little clutch purse to pretend to go out! Lol!

Copyright © Living Love Letter™ – 2022 – All Rights Reserved

She received a darling shiny green leather clutch for Christmas. But last week was the first she had played with it. But I’m certain to her that she wasn’t playing. She was seriously taking keys out of her little clutch and toddling over to the front door to lock and unlock it, as she has seen her mom do so many times. And on top of that, holding her toy iPhone in the opposite hand, all the while “talking” as if she was having a business conversation. Lol. This girl cracks me up and touches my heart at the same time. (Sorry I don’t have a picture of that.)

Through the years of being alive, I have overheard people speak about Grandparenthood, and been in conversations about Grandparenthood. But all the conversations and books could not have prepared me for being Grandma, especially a being Athena’s Grandma! To think that part of me is in her, too, leaves me awe-struck. And I can’t help but shake my head at the thought of Athena being in God’s plan for my family. Thank You, Lord, for making me Athena’s Grandma.

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